Bank Home Loans In India

Bank Home Loans In India

Valuation of Business & Properties

What's your business property worth? You may need to value your business property for any number of reasons - security on a loan - buying or selling a property - including in your accounts or in a prospectus - insurance purposes.

But valuation is a complex business and there is no such thing as a single valuation for a property, useful for all purposes. Valuations are produced on different assumptions - and may come up with different answers, depending on their end use.

We will recommend and carry out the best valuation for you. But only after you have explained very clearly what you want the valuation for.

We are the most qualified and well organized valuation Institution for Valuation of Immovable Properties for various purposes such as Wealth Tax, Income Tax, Capital Gain Tax Calculation, Visa Purposes, Bank Security Mortgage, Property distribution in Family or amongst Partners, O.D Purposes against Property, Rental Calculations, Stamp Duty Calculation, Insurance of Property, House Tax Calculations, Valuations of big areas of land by Developers method and many more purposes.

Details of purposes of Valuation and its importance to get valuation certificate from Qualified and Approved Valuer can be pursued at the appropriate place elsewhere on this site.

Why you choose us?

Offering you a perfect mix of knowledge & experience.
Having the infrastructural muscle to take your property valuation to any part of India.
Customising every valuation of property to your requirements down to the last detail.
Having the knowledge and experience to ensure accurate property valuation.
Giving each project, no matter how big or small, the same attention to detail & a promise of delivery on schedule.


LAP/ OD / CC Limit

We are enlisted as one of the prominent service providers in Loan Against Property (LAP), Over Draft (OD), Cash Credit Limit (CC Limit).

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SME Loan

SME business facility solutions, we are a Business Loan Application Solution provider providing credit facility approval solution services to SMEs.
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Project Loan

We are a well-known service provider of Project Loan. All our actions and efforts are directed towards attaining complete client satisfactions.

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