Bank Home Loans In India

Bank Home Loans In India


PKC Corporate Consultants Private Limited Specializes in Takeover and mergers

We aim to enhance your understanding of integration in business. By the end, you should be able to:

1- Identify the types of integration that takes place in markets

2- Understand the difference between horizontal and vertical integration

3- Identify the main types of economy of scale

In theory, merger analysis is simple. The acquiring firm carries out an analysis to value the target company. The acquiring firm then seeks to buy the firm at less than the estimated value if possible. However, the target company would only accept the firm’s offer if the offer price exceeds its value when it is operated independently. Doing so should maximize shareholder’s wealth. In practice, merger analysis is much more complicated and raises a number of complex issues.

Today, many valuation techniques exist. This paper centers on the discounted cash flow and the market multiple analysis methods. No matter the method used, it is important to know that the target company in general does not continue to operate as a separate unit. The acquired firm becomes part of the acquiring firm’s assets. This is important to consider because the operational changes that occur significantly influence the value of the business. For that reason those changes have to be considered.

As a methodology, discounted cash flow is considered the ideal tool to value businesses. This approach is set apart from others because it is based on projected, future operating results rather than on past operating results.

We at PKC Corporate Consultants Private Limited have a strong action bias and believe in getting things done - always beyond the client’s expectations.
PKC Corporate Consultants Private Limited, is managed by, highly qualified, experienced and dynamic professionals from the fields of Finance, Law, and Business Administration such as Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Company Secretaries and MBAs etc. The team has, behind them, many years of combined professional and industry experience both in India and Overseas.


LAP/ OD / CC Limit

We are enlisted as one of the prominent service providers in Loan Against Property (LAP), Over Draft (OD), Cash Credit Limit (CC Limit).

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SME Loan

SME business facility solutions, we are a Business Loan Application Solution provider providing credit facility approval solution services to SMEs.
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Project Loan

We are a well-known service provider of Project Loan. All our actions and efforts are directed towards attaining complete client satisfactions.

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